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Mortgages for Multiple
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We at VIBE are renowned for our expertise in mortgages for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO). Our dedicated team offers unparalleled support to intermediaries, providing clarity and insight into the multifaceted world of financing for these properties.

We create custom mortgage solutions for each property to ensure the best financial results. We tailor our approach to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of HMO properties. This ensures that each intermediary receives a solution that aligns with their client’s needs.

Our deep understanding of the market dynamics and regulatory landscape positions us to offer invaluable advice and support. We navigate the complexities of HMO financing, from initial consultation to final approval, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. We always keep an eye on market trends and rules, so we can give our clients the latest information and strategies. We find the best rates and terms for HMO properties to maximise their investment potential.

At VIBE, we pride ourselves on being more than just a finance provider; we are partners in our clients’ success. We want to make the HMO mortgage process easier for intermediaries and their clients by providing support and guidance. We aim to make financing easier for our clients by helping them find the best rates. We want to ensure that every investment in the HMO sector is both profitable and safe. 

Essential Insights

First-Time Landlords of Multiple Occupation Properties

Entering the market for multiple occupation properties? We understand the challenges and opportunities that come with managing such properties. We provide personalised financial solutions and expert guidance for mortgages, helping clients easily enter and succeed in this field.

Our team offers insights into effective strategies for maximising rental yields and maintaining high occupancy rates. We assist you in comprehending tenant management and property maintenance. This enables you to effectively address the unique requirements of each property. Our support extends to navigating financial complexities, including cash flow management and tax implications, making your journey into property management smoother and more rewarding.

Licensing Requirements

The licensing landscape for these properties can be complex. We simplify the process by staying updated on legislation changes to give the most current advice. Our partner expertise includes guiding you through the application process, ensuring your property meets all the necessary criteria for licensing. Our partners can give advice on following rules, avoiding legal problems, and making sure your investment is successful in the long run.

Planning Permissions and Article 4

Navigating planning permissions is a critical aspect of managing a property with multiple tenants. We explain how Article 4 directives may impact these properties. Our partner team assists in interpreting local planning policies, ensuring your property modifications comply with current regulations. Our partners also offer strategies to effectively manage any restrictions imposed by Article 4, minimising their impact on your property’s profitability and market appeal.

Room Size Regulations

Adhering to national minimum room sizes is crucial for landlords of such properties. We provide up-to-date guidance on these regulations, helping you design your property layouts to meet legal standards while optimising tenant comfort and satisfaction. We provide advice on following rules and improving space usage. This helps make tenants happier and makes your property more appealing to rent.

Valuation Methods

Understanding the valuation of properties with multiple tenants is crucial for securing the appropriate mortgage. We explain how lenders assess property value based on its physical features or investment potential. This assessment impacts our clients’ financing options. We analyse how factors like location, property condition, and tenant demographics affect the value.

We help you understand the value of your clients’ property and its impact on their mortgage and investment plans. Our comprehensive valuation guidance ensures you have a clear understanding of your property’s market position, enabling informed decision-making for refinancing or future investments.


Expert Mortgage Assistance

Our goal at VIBE is to empower intermediaries with comprehensive knowledge and resources for mortgages in this sector. We explain second-charge loans and planning classifications to help your clients.

Our experts focus on understanding mortgage options for properties with multiple tenants and providing detailed insights. We give customised advice on different ways to get money, so intermediaries can confidently suggest the best options to their clients. Our support extends to understanding the intricacies of various mortgage terms, interest rates, and repayment structures, enabling intermediaries to navigate the mortgage landscape effectively.

We educate intermediaries about industry trends and regulatory changes, helping them stay ahead in a changing market. Our partners comprehensive training and resources cover risk assessment, credit analysis, and effective client communication strategies. This holistic approach ensures that intermediaries are well-equipped to handle client queries and provide top-notch service.

At VIBE, we create strong partnerships with intermediaries, providing ongoing support and guidance for lasting professional relationships. We are dedicated to providing excellent mortgage help. We aim to improve the abilities of intermediaries in achieving successful mortgage results for their clients in the property sector.

Personalised Mortgage Solutions

Ready to explore diverse mortgage options available for properties with multiple tenants? Contact our specialist advisors for personalised assistance and expert guidance.

At VIBE, we provide customised solutions to ensure your success in this unique market. Our approach is client-centric, focusing on understanding your specific needs and objectives. We assess each case individually, considering factors like investment goals, property types, and financial circumstances. This enables us to recommend the most suitable mortgage products and strategies.

Our team has experience in the multi-tenant property market. We can provide various financing options, such as traditional mortgages and creative solutions.

We are skilled at dealing with the challenges that arise in this market. We collaborate with lenders to get you the best rates and terms for your investment, based on its unique aspects. Our advisors are here to help you, whether you’re experienced or new to investing. They will support you from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on our transparent and communicative approach, ensuring you are fully informed and comfortable with every decision. We are always here to help you with your questions and provide support during the mortgage process. VIBE is a reliable partner that helps you reach your investment goals in the multi-tenant property industry.


  • What is VIBE? VIBE is a dedicated mortgage broking team offering expertise in mortgages for properties with multiple tenants. We specialise in providing custom solutions and support to intermediaries in this complex financing area.
  • Who can benefit from VIBE services?  VIBE helps brokers, new landlords in this sector, and those seeking expert help with these mortgages. We make financing easier for stakeholders in this market.
  • How does VIBE support first-time landlords in this sector?  At VIBE, we provide personalised financial solutions and expert advice for first-time landlords in this area.
  • How does VIBE help with planning permissions and Article 4?  We help with understanding the effects of Article 4 rules.
  • How does VIBE assist with valuation methods? We explain how lenders assess the value of properties with multiple tenants based on physical features or investment potential. Our team also analyses factors affecting the property’s value.
  • What is the goal of VIBE regarding expert mortgage assistance?  Our goal is to empower intermediaries with comprehensive knowledge and resources for these mortgages, including understanding second-charge loans and planning classifications.
  • What personalised mortgage solutions does VIBE offer?  VIBE provides customised solutions for investments in this market, ensuring success. We offer personalised assistance and expert guidance tailored to each client’s specific needs and circumstances.
  • How can I contact VIBE for more information or services?  Contact VIBE Advisors for help with mortgages for properties with many tenants. They offer personalised assistance and expert guidance. We are available to discuss diverse mortgage options and provide customised solutions. 
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